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We offer custom design services for your specific needs in X-ray analysis. Please Contact us and let us know how we can help.

LinXCAT: In-Situ X-Ray Computed Tomography for Lunar Exploration.

A versatile, high-performance Lunar in-situ X-ray Computed Axial Tomography instrument (LinXCAT) is under development at eXaminart LLC to offer a wide range of applications in lunar surface science investigations and operations.

ReXA: Remote X-ray Analyzer

eXaminart LLC was awarded an 2023 SBIR Phase I grant to develop a new concept of XRF instrument. Remote X-ray Analyzer (ReXA) targets the geochemical analysis of planetary surface materials from a rover or lander with no dependence on a robotic arm for deployment.

METRIC: Mineralogical, Elemental, and Tomographic Reconnaissance Investigation for CLPS.

eXaminart is the engineering company designing and building the XRD/F and XCT instruments on the METRIC payload, a proposed mission to the lunar south pole-Aitken Basin

CheMinX: Next generation planetary in-situ XRD/XRF instrument.

eXaminart was awarded a 2022 NASA SBIR Phase II grant to develop a next-generation planetary crystallographic instrument for definitive mineralogical analysis. This new development will result in an in-situ X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence(XRD/XRF) instrument suitable for a broad range of planetary surface explorations including smaller rovers and lander.

PIXI: Micro-CT for Mars exploration.

We are funded by NASA to demonstrate a micro-CT (computed tomography) instrument for analysis of samples on the surface of Mars or other planetary bodies. PIXI (Planetary In-situ X-ray Imager) is a microCT instrument concept intended for deployment to Mars, cometary nuclei, or other planets/planetesimals.

CartiX:  Full-Field XRF for Cultural Heritage.

In collaboration with NASA and CNRS, we have developed a portable MA-XRF instrument based on an innovative concept: the instrument uses a CCD camera coupled to an imaging X-ray optic to produce chemical maps of an object.