Miniature benchtop XRD/XRF instrument

Fenix is a NextGen miniature benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument for fast and easy characterization of powdered samples.

The Fenix technology traces its lineage to the XRD/XRF instrument deployed on Mars in the NASA Curiosity rover. It brings unprecedented miniaturization and ruggedness to the analytical instrument market.

For routine analyses, Fenix offers unique advantages over conventional XRD instruments:

  • small footprint for benchtop use
  • Transportability
  • Low power
  • user friendliness

Fenix is equally at home in a conventional laboratory, in a mobile laboratory, or in the field.


Power is provided by a laptop style AC adapter or an optional Lithium power station when AC is not available.  A PC (Windows or Linux) connected via USB provides all controls with a new intuitive application.

Key features


Fenix uses technology deployed on Mars in the NASA Curiosity rover and showcases improvements developed for future space flight missions.


Measuring 44 cm deep x 19 cm wide, and only 13 kg, Fenix is the smallest benchtop XRD instrument on the market.

x-ray SOURCE

A robust ceramic/metal X-ray tube is powered by an internal HVPS and new proprietary control electronics.


A state-of-the-art sealed vacuum X-ray CCD detector improves speed and energy resolution while reducing power.


Fenix can be provided with a sample spinner or a sample vibrator demonstrated for over a decade on Mars and the Earth.


Fenix is very simple to use thanks to its easy sample preparation and loading, and its minimalist hardware interface.

intuitive software

Fenix new software offers advanced controls and data processing with an intuitive, dynamic and user-friendly graphic interface.

Low power

Requiring a mere 45W in operation, Fenix can run all day using the optional battery power station.

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