Duetto 1 is now discontinued and replaced by Duetto 2

Of course, eXaminArt still offers maintenance, upgrade and customization services for the 1st generation Duetto.  Please contact us for any request about your Duetto 1.

Instrument composition:

The instrument is composed of two main components:
  1. An analytical head that contains the X-ray source, the X-ray detector, a camera for high-resolution imaging to the area analyzed, a laser for alignment,
  2. A power/control unit comprising an embedded PC, power supplies, batteries for 4hrs of autonomous operation (hot swappable for extended operation), linked to the analytical head via a 3m cable.
Duetto 1 analytical head.
Duetto 1 power and control unit built in a rugged case.
A number of optional mounts are offered to complement the instrument. A critical mount option is the micro-positioner, developed specifically for Duetto.  It offers X-Y-X adjustment for precise positioning of the head on the area to analyze, and 2 rotations allowing to adjust to approaching the tangent to the surface on the point analyzed.
The Micro-positioner includes 3 precision manual linear stages for XYZ positioning and 2 manual rotations.
Micro-positioner connects with the Duetto head via quick-connect.
Animation of the micro-positioner rotations.
Most applications in the field require the study tripod wit custom extension arm, tilt head and additional stabilizing legs.

Example of applications: