Duetto mounting options

A number of optional mounts are offered to complement the Duetto instrument.

Duetto XYZ2R micro-positioner stage (3 translations + 2 rotations):

Precise positioning stage developed specifically for Duetto. It offers X-Y-X adjustment for precise positioning of the head on the area to analyze, and 2 rotations allowing to adjust to approaching the tangent to the surface on the point analyzed.

  • Optionally, it includes 1 motorized stage for remote control of distance to object. 
  • It requires one of the other three mounts described below.
  • Includes transport case. 

Duetto Pentapod:

Portable 3 to 5 leg holder for in-situ deployment of Duetto. Most applications in the field require this tripod, which includes custom extension arm, tilt head and additional stabilizing legs. 

  • It requires the XYZ2R stage. 
  • Includes transport case. 

Duetto Benchtop mount:

Mount for analysis in the laboratory. 

  • Requires XYZ2R stage.
Benchtop mount with XYZ2R stage holding Duetto 1.
Duetto 1 with benchtop mount and XYZ2R stage analyzing gilding of 18th century cabinet.

Duetto Scaffold mount:

 Frame structure designed to secure Duetto to a scaffolding. 

  • It requires the XYZ2R stage. 
  • Includes transport case.